Accordion Doors

Interior Sliding Accordion Doors:

These door panels are fabricated from aluminum, hardwood, vinyl, acrylic, laminates or a combination of these products. These doors can be used in commercial, institutional and residential applications. Some of the features – aluminum top mounted track, recessed or curveable track, deadlatch with thumb turn, or keyed lock – keyed one or two sides. Available in various finishes – natural hardwood veneers and vinyl-lam wood grains, ranging in colour from light birch to dark walnut. Some common uses are:

  • Room dividers – patient cubicles, reception areas, offices, banquet / meeting rooms
  • Acoustic doors and partitions – separating multi-use spaces
  • Closets
  • Storage areas
SP13- Interior Woodfold accordion door (Custom)
AC01  Interior Woodfold Accordion Door
SP12- Interior Woodfold sliding accordion door (Custom)
AC02 Interior Woodfold Folding Accordion Doors

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