Gallery Collection

The Clopay Gallery Collection is a collection of steel insulated doors featuring unique embossed panels with vertical lines, simulating a tongue and groove look.  The doors are available in 5 painted factory colours and three Ultragrain “Faux Woodgrain”.   The Ultragrain replicates a “stained door look” without the ongoing maintenance of a real wood door.


  • Doors are available in 2 panel styles – short panel or long panel.
  • Many window options are available including the “Wrought Iron” selection, which was designed to complement exterior architectural accents like entry doors, light fixtures, gates and handrails to further enhance your “Old World” look.
  • Optional Decorative hardware is available.


GD1- Gallery series door, long panel with plain glass, arch, desert tan in color

GD01 Clopay Gallery Series Door, Long Panel with Arch 1 Plain Glass, Desert Tan in Colour


GD2 Gallery series door long panel with wrought iron arch glass dark oak ultra grain

GD02 Clopay Gallery Series Door Long Panel with Wrought Iron Arch Glass, Dark Oak Ultra-Grain

GD3 Gallery series door long panel with rec 14 glass

GD03 Clopay Gallery Series Door Long Panel with Rec 14 Glass


GD4 Gallery series door long panel solid dark oak ultra grain.

GD04 Clopay Gallery Series Door Long Panel- Solid, Dark Oak Ultra-Grain

GD5 gallery series door short panel with long panel arched glass with grillesmedium oak ultra grain

GD05 Clopay Gallery Series Door Short Panel with Long Panel Arch 1 Glass with Grilles, Medium Oak Ultra-Grain

CC Coachman door, model CD13 with Rec13 glass

GD06 Clopay Gallery Series Door, Long Panel with Rec 14 Glass, Medium Oak Ultra-Grain

Gallery Ultragrain with Walnut finish and Arch 1 with grilles and decorative hardware

GD07 Clopay Gallery Series Door, Short Panel with Arch 1 Glass with Grilles and Decorative Hardware, Walnut Ultra-Grain


GD08 Clopay Gallery Series Door, Long Panel with Trenton Short Panel Glass, Walnut Ultra-Grain


Old and New Garage Door 004 (Custom) (Custom)

GD09 Clopay Gallery Series Door, Long Panel, Solid/No Glass, Walnut Ultra-Grain



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