Swing Door Operators

A swing door operator (also know as a “swing door opener” or an “automatic swing door operator”) is a device that operates a swing door for pedestrian use. These devices can be controlled by hand held transmitters / wireless wall mounted push buttons / paddles or motion detecting sensors. Some of the areas of use are:

  • Condos / Apartments
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Business Storefronts
  • Disablility/Wheelchair access – residential or commercial
SP24- Dorma Automatic Swing door operator (Custom)
SDO01 Dorma Automatic Swing Door Operator
SP25- Wiring for Electric strike for swing door operator (Custom)
SDO02 Wiring for Electric Strike for Swing Door Operator
SP26- Digital Entry-keypad for automatic swing door operator (Custom)
SDO03 Digital Entry Keypad for Automatic Swing Door Operator

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