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Pay Stations / Ticket Stations:

These are revenue collecting systems for use on entry or exit of parkades / parking lots. These are also used in combination with card readers, keychain fobs, proximity readers and digital entries.

Barrier Arms:

Unique traffic control systems that can be used for security and to restrict access. This product is easy to install and operate, and can be used in combination with access controls such as card readers, keychain fobs, proximity readers and digital entries. Areas of use:

  • Parking lots
  • Underground parkade areas
  • Construction work sites
  • Campgrounds
  • Restricted access sites


A bollard is a rigid post used to protect equipment and to control vehicle or pedestrian traffic. They can be fabricated in various sizes or heights and can be embedded or surface mounted. They can be mounted above ground or can be retractable. Some common areas of use are:

  • Protection of :
    • gate operators and barrier arms
    • parking pay stations or ticket stations
    • overhead door track in commercial applications
    • vulnerable landscaped areas

BA2- Dual FAAC Barrier arms
BA01 Dual FAAC 620 Barrier Arms
BA3- Barrier Arm
BA02 FAAC 620 Barrier Arm
BA4- Parkade FAAC barrier arm
BA03 Parkade FAAC 620 Barrier Arm with Articulating Arm
BA5- Entrance-Exit Parking control barrier arms. jpg
BA04 Entrance-Exit Parking Control Barrier Arms
SP04- Parkade Pay Station
PS05 Cale Parkade Pay Station
SP05- Protective bollards for Pay Station and barrier arm
PS06 Protective Bollards for Cale Pay Station and FAAC 620 Barrier Arm
SP08-Special programmable  digital entry keypad in combination with a Pay Station
PS07 Special Programmable Digital Entry Keypad used in Combination with Cale Pay Station

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