Security Fencing & Enclosures

Harbour Door Services can assist downtown businesses with problem areas. We can help restrict access with the installation of security gates, doors and enclosures.

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Security products are considered to be one of the best ways to protect staff, bikes, vehicles, tools/equipment and valuable inventory.

Harbour Doors can assist you with coordination of bylaw requirements with City Hall.




Possible problem/vulnerable areas:

  • Doorways / Storefronts
  • Stairwells
  • Parking areas
  • Backlane access areas
  • Shipping / Receiving areas

Product Types:

  • Custom Powder Coated Aluminum Pedestrian Gates and Fencing
  • Folding/Scissor Steel Gates
  • Overhead Parkade Doors
  • Swing/Slide Aluminum Gates
  • Rolling Grilles/Shutters/Doors
  • Free Standing Custom Aluminum Enclosures
  • Security Bars/Grilles for Storefront Doors and Windows

Product Features:

  • Custom Sizes and Colours
  • Manually Operated or Automated
  • Automated Gate Controls can integrate with existing security access systems, such as digital entries or card readers

Harbour Door has the solution to all your needs.


FS 03 - Commercial custom security fence with matching pedestrian gates

SE01 Commercial Custom Security Fence with Matching Pedestrian Gates

FS 04 - Commercial custom security fencing with post base plates

SE02 Commercial Custom Security Fencing with Post Base Plates

FS 05 - Commercial security fencing with matching pedestrian gate with security mesh

SE03 Commercial Security Fencing with Matching Pedestrian Gate with Security Mesh

FS 06 Commercial custom security fencing with decorative spears and circles

SE04 Commercial Custom Security Fencing with Decorative Spears and Circles

FS 07 Commercial security fencing to match gate pedestrian gates wtih security mesh

SE05 Commercial Security Fencing to Match Gate and Pedestrian Gates with Security Mesh

FS 08 Commercial security fencing to match sliding gate

SE06 Commercial Security Fencing to Match Sliding Gate

FS 09 Commercial security infill to match parkade gate

SE07 Commercial Security Infill to Match Parkade Gate

FS 10 Commercial security infill in parkade area

SE08 Commercial Security Infill in Parkade Area

FS 11 Interior view of custom aluminum security infill

SE09 Interior View of Custom Aluminum Security Infill

FS 12 Aluminum custom enclosure with pedestrian gate

SE10 Aluminum Custom Enclosure with Pedestrian Gate

FS 13 Custom aluminum security infill with pedestrian gates

SE11 Custom Aluminum Security Infill with Pedestrian Gates

FS 14 Custom commercial aluminum enclosure with matching pedestrian gate with special lock

SE12 Custom Commercial Aluminum Enclosure with Matching Pedestrian Gate with Special Digital Lock

FS 15 - Security enclosure in parkade with swinging pedestrian gate

SE13 Security Enclosure in Parkade with Swinging Pedestrian Gate

FS 17 - Aluminum infill in underground parkade to separate parking areas

SE14 Aluminum Infill in Underground Parkade to Separate Parking Areas

FS 18 Security enclosure with solid aluminum panel

SE15 Security Enclosure with Solid Aluminum Panel

FS 19 -  Commercial security enclosures incorporating aluminum overhead parkade style doors and infilll

SE16 Commercial Security Enclosures Incorporating Aluminum Overhead Parkade Style Doors and Infilll

FS 20 - Interior view of commercial security enclosures incorporating aluminum overhead doors and infill

SE17 Interior View of Commercial Security Enclosures Incorporating Aluminum Overhead Doors and Infill

FS 21 - Accordian  store front security gate

SE18 Accordion Storefront Security Gate

FS 22 - Interior security grilles mounted to  windows

SE19 Interior Security Grilles Mounted to Windows

FS 23 - Rolling steel and rolling grille for security

SE20 Rolling Steel and Rolling Grilles for Security

SP30 Rolling aluminum grille with operator to seperate areas

SE21 Sliding and Rolling Aluminum Grilles with Operator to Seperate Areas

16 Sliding mall security grille

SE22 Sliding Mall Sliding Security Grille

FS 16 - Custom security enclosure with aluminum mesh for added security

SE23 Custom Security Enclosure with Aluminum Mesh for Added Security


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