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16 Nov

Preventing Fires In Your Garage

For many people, a garage is a multi-purpose space, not just a parking space for a car. In a garage you will often find electrical panels, garbage cans, work stations with a variety of tools and batteries. Items that simply don’t have another home, due to a lack of storage space, will commonly be found

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15 Sep

Keeping Your Garage Door Quiet

Older, noisier components and degradation over time will cause your garage door to gradually get noisier. If you are annoyed at the squeaking and squawking sounds your door makes when it’s in operation you can do a few things yourself to reduce this. If that fails or you are not comfortable making some minor adjustments

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26 May

Inspecting Your Garage Doors

In previous articles, we discussed ways to make the exterior of your home look nicer, for your own enjoyment and/or to improve the appearance of your home for resale. We looked at garage doors and the 2 options of replacement or re-finishing. How do we really know if our older garage doors are still in

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22 Apr

3 Types of Contemporary Garage Doors

A garage door may represent up to 40% of the façade of your home. If you have a modern home, it’s important to choose a contemporary style that fits well with the home’s style and architecture. Contemporary garage doors are known for their clean lines and can be customized to suit the style of your

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