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Keeping Your Garage Warm This Winter

keeping garage warm

New homes, including their garages, are designed to be energy efficient and thermally effective. They are relatively easy to keep warm in colder weather. In previous generations, people were often content to live with “a draft” in their old homes. There are, of course, many old homes in the Greater Victoria region and many of these have garages that are not up to today’s standards of insulation.

Updating your garage to keep it warmer will have a positive impact on the warmth of the living space inside your home, as a cold garage has potential to transfer cold temperatures into neighbouring living spaces.

Insulation of garage walls and ceiling

Most homes will have a wall and a door connecting the house to the garage. In older homes, these areas may not be insulated to today’s higher standard. The wall may have no insulation and even no drywall, on the garage side. The door which leads into your home may also have poor or no insulation. Additionally, it was common to not insulate any of the walls, or the ceiling, in old garages.

You will be using a considerable amount of natural gas, electricity or oil to heat your home in the winter season. To provide extra warmth and cut down on heating bills, having a properly insulated garage is important.

You may want to insulate and drywall the old garage walls yourself. If you’re new to home renovations, you’ll soon find out that this is a messy and challenging job. Having an experienced handyman friend (or hiring someone) will go a long way towards getting it done faster and better. Swapping out an old entrance door may require adjusting the size of the entrance to fit new, insulated doors which are of standard size.

If the garage door itself is not insulated, it may or may not be suitable for adding insulation, depending on the nature of its construction. Replacing the door with a new insulated garage door may be the best option and will also improve the look of the exterior of your home.

Sealing small cracks or spaces

Once the larger insulation updates are done, check around for small cracks or spaces which would let in the colder winter air. These are common around window openings and of course, your garage door itself. If you kept an insulated older garage door, check the weather stripping on the bottom of the door. This material gets brittle and cracked over time and may need to be replaced.

We want to help keep your garage safe and warm this winter. If you would like to discuss what kind of garage door would look great, while keeping your garage warm this winter, please contact us.

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Preventing Fires In Your Garage

preventing-fires-in-your-garageFor many people, a garage is a multi-purpose space, not just a parking space for a car. In a garage you will often find electrical panels, garbage cans, work stations with a variety of tools and batteries. Items that simply don’t have another home, due to a lack of storage space, will commonly be found in the garage as well.

From a safety perspective, this means that there are a number of potential causes for fire. Here are the annual garage fire statistics, from the US.

  • 6600 home garage fires
  • 30 deaths
  • 400 injuries
  • US$457 million in property loss
  • 93% occurring in one and two family homes


Are you aware that the leading cause of home garage fires is electrical malfunction? Most commonly the problems are shorts in the wiring, damaged wiring and overloaded outlets.

How To Keep Your Garage Safe

  • Do not store combustible items such as gasoline, oil, propane, paints & varnishes in your garage. Whenever you can, store these in a shed away from your home.
  • If you have appliances in your garage, keep flammable items away.
  • Many people charge batteries for power tools in their garage. Have only one charging pack plugged into an outlet.
  • Do not use an extension cord with a battery charging pack.

If you are able to improve your garage fire safety by renovating, here are the recommendations:

  • Install a 20 minute rated fire door, self closing and self latching, between the garage and home.
  • If you have a room above the garage, make sure the garage ceiling has been drywalled.
  • If you have a wall attaching the garage to your home, also ensure that the garage wall is drywalled.
  • If you have attic access from your garage, use an attic hatch cover.
  • Have a smoke detector properly installed

We want to help keep you safe. If you have any questions regarding safety concerns with your garage, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Fall Maintenance For Your Home

fall maintenance for your home

fall maintenance for your homeWhen you own a home, you also “own” the seasonal maintenance that comes with it. Every autumn there are a number of maintenance items which should be addressed. This list is by no means comprehensive but will get you thinking about a variety of tasks which should be done, and may inspire a few more annual cleanup or maintenance projects. Some of these jobs really should be left to professionals, especially when there are height and/or safety concerns. But there are a number of simple things that you can take care of yourself.

Wash Exterior of House

Dirt that has accumulated on the outside of your home not only looks, well, dirty…but will cause your exterior to deteriorate faster. There are those that recommend pressure washing but this must be done with extreme care so you do not cause damage. A hose and/or soapy brush plus hose may be all that you need for a once per year cleaning. Choose a warmer and not windy fall day for this job.

Clean and Inspect Gutters

Check that your gutters and downspouts are in good repair and firmly in place. If you have tall trees near your home, the first heavy rain will let you know if your gutters are clogged already. This is one of the less enjoyable tasks but whether you do it yourself or hire a pro, you will appreciate your gutters not overflowing into your flower beds or entrance-way.

Check Roof

If all of your neighbours have started to replace their roofs in the last couple years, it will be an indicator that your roof (assuming you’re in a neighbourhood where the houses were built around the same time) should be replaced soon. A roof bears the brunt of sun and precipitation, so it is a good idea to have it checked on an annual basis.

Deck and Outside Furniture

If you have stopped using your deck for the season, clean your outdoor furniture and cover or store it inside if possible. Clean and cover your BBQ. Remove soil (which may soon freeze) from your pots or place them in an area which is not likely to freeze. Give your deck a good gentle cleaning or careful pressure wash and inspect for damage, loose wood, nails, or vinyl.

Winterize Outdoor Plumbing

If you have an extensive sprinkler system and experience freezing temperatures in the winter, have an expert take care of the winterizing. Also drain and cover exterior faucets to prevent ice from causing messy and expensive damage.

Check and Repair Your Driveway and Walkways

Cracks in your driveway and walkways will expand in the colder weather. Cracks, holes, etc. are a hazard to vehicles and people, so have them sealed now before the weather is too cold.

Garage Door Weather-Strip

Check for tears or cracks in the weather-strip on the bottom of your garage door. Having a healthy seal will help keep your garage warmer in the winter cold.

Check Seals Around Doors and Windows

Keep the inside of your home warmer and save on heating costs by ensuring that the seals and caulking, around your doors and windows, are in good condition.

Fireplace Cleaning

Have your fireplace and chimney professionally inspected and cleaned. Safety is the paramount reason to clean the buildup on the inside of your fireplace and have the masonry and dampers checked.

Fall Lawn Care

Keep your lawn in top shape with regular raking during the fall. Aeration will help your lawn to “breathe” and fertilizer will help prevent moss and give you a thicker, greener lawn in the spring.

Transplant Perennials

As your perennials become dormant, it is a good time to move them if necessary or desired. Cooler, damp or wet weather is good for this, after the flowers have lost their bloom.

Clean Lawn Equipment

Many people just put their lawnmowers and other yard care equipment directly in storage during fall and winter. Before you do this, give everything a good cleaning and inspection. Have blades sharpened, engines tuned up and everything ready to go for the spring.

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Keeping Your Garage Door Quiet

Older, noisier components and degradation over time will cause your garage door to gradually get noisier. If you are annoyed at the squeaking and squawking sounds your door makes when it’s in operation you can do a few things yourself to reduce this. If that fails or you are not comfortable making some minor adjustments to your door opener system, feel free to give us a call and we can have a service technician take a look.


Examine the door and track hardware. Replace any nuts and bolts that are worn out due to wear and tear. Tighten any that have loosened up over time. Be careful not to overtighten.

Lubricate Hardware

Hinges and torsion springs can generate a lot of noise when they have not been regularly lubricated. Lubricate all moving metal parts including hinges, rollers, tracks and springs. It is highly recommended to use a garage door lubricant spray as it penetrates the moving parts and does not attract dust.lubricate garage door parts

Check Tracks and Rollers

The rollers should easily roll through the tracks…not slide. If you have some rollers that are worn out and not rolling properly, they should be replaced. Newer nylon rollers are quieter than older steel rollers. You can call us and have a service tech do this (highly recommended) or you can unbolt the roller/hinge from the door and tilt out the roller, replacing it with a new one. Also check for proper track alignment.

Steel vs. nylon rollers

Lubricate Chain

If you have a chain-drive door opener, check that the chain is taut and lubricate with spray lubrication as needed. If you have a belt-drive opener, it does not require lubrication.

Isolate Noise

Noise will transfer from the opener into the home (mechanical vibration). If you’re not quite ready to replace an old opener, you can isolate this vibration by adding rubber spacers between the motor and the metal braces which attach to the ceiling.isolate vibration

If you have any questions about making your garage door opener quieter or safer, please contact us!

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Inexpensive Summer Projects: Part 2

summer projects

Inexpensive Summer Projects: Part 1

In the first part of this series we looked at some practical summer projects/chores, things like cleaning, painting and pest control. Those tasks are not the most enjoyable things to do around your home but at some point they need to be done.

We continue our look at summer home projects by getting into some fun stuff. If the first article was the green beans, this one is the dessert (assuming you prefer dessert over green beans).

Make An Herb Planter

Find an old kids wagon, preferably the metal kind (not plastic) and convert it into an herb planter. You can paint it if necessary, fill it with soil and create a lovely looking herb garden that can be moved to different areas of your yard, depending on the season and your whims.

herb garden

Grow Fruits And Vegetables (anywhere)

In the same vein as the previous idea, plant food…anywhere it will grow. You don’t need to confine yourself to non-edible flowers and bushes in your yard, and you don’t need to have a garden plot. Plant some lettuce, cucumber, beans, tomatoes or whatever else grows well in your area. Don’t forget to be mindful of local critters that may want to partake of your homegrown food!

Create A BBQ Station

Even if you don’t want to (or feel confident to) build a permanent structure (bricks, concrete, etc) around your BBQ, you can still build or gather components to surround your BBQ and make it more like a mini-outdoor kitchen. You can find a couple of weather resistant wood or metal tables with storage underneath or if you are handy to build using wood, you can create some workspace and storage which will greatly enhance your summer BBQ workflow.bbq station

Outdoor Lighting

Adding some inexpensive lighting can make a dramatic impact along walkways and patios in particular. Simply stringing some outdoor lights around your deck can give your outdoor eating area a restaurant-like ambience. Adding some new lighting around your garage doors is also a wonderful update.

Create A Dreamboard Or Dreamspace

Do you dream of owning a condo in Hawaii or do you wake up in the morning wishing you were sailing on the high seas? Why not create a space that inspires you to take action towards bringing this dream to reality?dreamboard

Replace A Indoor Lighting Fixtures

Changing out some dated, boring lighting fixtures will make a space pop. Think outside the box a little. You are not limited to buying a new fixture from your local hardware store. Go to garage sales, flea markets and antique stores to find a vintage fixture that may be a great complement or contrast within your current decor.

Create Your Own Decor Accents

Beyond just lighting fixtures, you can create very creative accents such as frames, mirrors and candle holders for spaces both inside and outside. Re-purpose old items and renew them with paint. Even items such as rope, wood scraps, and old glass and metal items can be transformed into new decor accents.homemade lamp

Build Outdoor Furniture And Accessories

Let your creativity expand by visualizing old or rustic items transformed into something new. An old wooden barrel can be a table. Bricks and concrete blocks can turn into seating areas. Slices of branches and logs can be made into candle holders or food serving platters.

Have some fun being creative around your home this summer!

homemade table

Inexpensive Summer Projects: Part 1

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Inexpensive Summer Projects: Part 1

summer-projectsSummer is for having fun, right? Yes, but as much as we love to enjoy BBQ’s, camping, vacations and the beach during summer, it also is an ideal time to get some home and garden tasks done. The weather is (usually) fine, the days are long and there is certainly not much on TV.

Just as we learned to eat our vegetables before we get dessert, we will first look at some practical and important jobs, followed up by a number of optional tasks which will enhance outdoor decor, fun and frolicking in your outdoor space.


Summer is a great time to paint, especially in climates that have a lot more rain in the spring and fall. Exterior painting is often a job that is better left for professionals. They are well equipped to deal with the preparation, finicky detail and safety concerns that an exterior paint job requires. They will get the work done faster and cleaner, freeing you up for some of the other tasks below.

Refinish Your Deck

If you want to tackle some painting or refinishing, your deck is a good place to start. Do it early in the summer, so you still have lots of time to enjoy the fruit of your labour. Refinishing your decks now will save you considerable money by extending the life of your decks. It will also help prevent cracks and splinters which may end up in some unfortunate person’s feet.

refinish-deckWhether you will be using stain or paint take the time to research the best method and products to prep, strip and refinish your deck. Take care to protect surrounding plants, gardens and your house from sprays, cleaning products and paint/stain.

Here is an informative tutorial on deck re-finishing

Spruce Up Your Flower Beds

This task really starts in the spring but continues on during the summer. Take some time to first clean your flower beds, removing dead stems, leaves and branches. Next, step back and see if there are any plants that are not enhancing your beds. Remove them. Now you have some space which may best be left open or you can add new flowers or plants which enhance the area.

…and if you happen to have an old VW Beetle

Adding mulch, some pots or decorative accessories will give your beds an instant facelift.

Clean Your Gutters

Whether you are comfortable cleaning gutters yourself or pay someone to do it, this is one of those thankless jobs which doesn’t improve the appearance of your home but will maintain the proper functioning of your gutters. Please be safe and only attempt this maintenance task if your gutters are easily accessible.

Clean Your Furnace

Summer is a good time to clean your furnace simply because the furnace tends to get used less during the warmer months, depending on where you live.  Remove the dirty filter and replace it with a clean one. Take a vacuum and clean up any dirt and dust while you are there. Remember, this unit is moving air that you breathe, so keep it clean!

Here is an in-depth furnace maintenance articleclean-furnace

Pest Control

Depending on your climate, your property will be prone to any number of pesky pests and summer is a good time to clean up and remove their reasons for domiciling in your space. Cleanliness is key, so dispose of fruit, leaves and branches that fall from your trees. Ensure your waste containers have snug fitting lids. Eliminate standing water to prevent mosquitoes from hatching and visually (and carefully) inspect trees, bushes and your home itself for wasp nests.

Now that we have some important but not very exciting tasks out of the way, next time we will look at some fun summer projects to inspire you.

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Choosing The Right Fencing

There was a time when the most common fence material used here in Victoria was wood. In fact it is still very widely used, but today there are many other options that provide attractive style, privacy and security, along with greater durability and much lower maintenance.

Wrought Iron Fence

Things to Consider

Before you get attached to one type of fence, take some time to consider these points. They may inform your decision regarding the style of fence you choose and the materials you use.

Here in Victoria, we have a wet climate which causes wood to deteriorate over time. Still, some love the look and style of cedar, so be prepared to invest much more time into maintenance and re-finishing. Temperature can also be an issue which may impact the construction of a fence. For example, if you experience very cold winters, your fence posts should have concrete anchors to withstand the effects of frost.

Do you need privacy? Do you want to keep your kids and pets safe? Do you want a bit more security for your property? Maybe you simply want to improve the curb appeal of your home. Consider the “why” of your fence. Likely you have a few reasons to install or upgrade your fence. These reasons will overlap and help you choose the best style and type of material to use.

A chain link fence will not be as sexy as a wood or vinyl fence but depending on the “why” it may be just what you need. Each fencing material has its own visual appeal which may or may not be what you like. Sometimes your dream fence might not be best suited for your climate or purpose, so flexibility with your vision may be required.

City Bylaws
Before committing to a specific type of fence, check with your city to ensure that your proposed fence meets the code requirements of your neighbourhood. You will likely need a permit to erect a new fence on your property.

Here are some links to bylaw information in Greater Victoria:

City of VictoriaSaanichCentral SaanichSidneyOak BayEsquimaltSooke

Types of Fencing Materials

Aluminum often represents a very economical and practical fencing solution. Aluminum fences have a clean look which can blend in to the environment while being extremely low maintenance and secure (especially with spear top fencing). They do not rust, are rakable (sloping ability) and recycled aluminum is an option for those who appreciate using environmentally friendlier products.

In fact, when people ask us what type of fence material we prefer, we almost always recommend aluminum.aluminum-fence

If privacy is the primary factor, then wood fencing might be the best choice for you. Although wood will require regular refinishing and maintenance, especially in wet climates, it will add value and curb appeal when professionally designed and installed. Wood also has numerous styles, from picket fences to split rail, and wood and wire.cedar fencing

Did you realize that vinyl fencing has nearly 5x the strength of wood, is flexible to withstand wind and is ideally suited for locations by the sea, which may have salt water exposure? There is almost no maintenance plus your dog cannot chew it up. Vinyl fencing materials are also non-toxic and recyclable.vinyl fence

Wrought Iron
If you want high end decorative fencing which is also very durable and secure, wrought iron would be a good option. While it doesn’t provide privacy, it is very strong and remains impervious to insects. This is the most expensive option and also one of the most elegant and timeless.wrought iron fence

Chain Link
A purely functional fence, for protecting children and pets, this is a simple and affordable option perhaps best suited for a back yard.chain link fence

While not commonly used in the Victoria region, bamboo fences are the most environmentally sound, stronger than wood, pest resistant and less expensive than wood. It may or may not be your style but it is a strong alternative to wood for a privacy fence.bamboo fence

And So…
We recommend using a professional contractor to install your fence. Call a few…discuss city bylaws, permits, fence material and style with them before deciding on which option to proceed with. With all of these fencing choices (plus a few more we haven’t discussed) you’ll be able to balance form and function and budget.


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Home Exterior Improvement Part 4: Garage Doors

Home Exterior Improvement Part 1: Clean Up Your Yard
Home Exterior Improvement Part 2: Small Things
Home Exterior Improvement Part 3: Doors and Windows
Home Exterior Improvement Part 4: Garage Doors

boring garage doorBeing that we are a garage door and gate company here in Victoria, we would be remiss not to mention the impact that garage doors have on the exterior of your home. Garage doors, in some cases, may take up to 40% of the façade of your home and may be one of the first things that people see. Neglecting your doors has a significant impact on safety, function and visual appeal.

Let’s see how we can solve that.

DIY Refreshing

Are your existing garage doors still in good shape? How can you know? There are a number of things you can check to determine the safety and condition of your doors. This includes inspections of the hardware including springs, cables, rollers, pulleys and mounting hardware.  You should also check the reversing mechanism and photo eye sensor.

See this for a more detailed look at garage door inspection.

Let’s assume that your doors are still in good condition. There are a number of ways to improve the look of your doors without having to replace them. Here are a few ideas that may inspire you:

Refinish Panels
If you have generic (that’s another word for boring) looking garage doors, white being very common, then refresh the finish by painting or even getting creative with a faux wood finish. You can refinish whether you have wood or aluminum doors. Refinishing your doors will give you a new look while extending the life of the doors.refinish garage door

Replace or Add Glass
If you have doors that have no glass, or glass styles that are sadly outdated, you can replace the panels and immediately give your doors a new look.add windows to garage door

Faux Glass
Don’t want to add glass? How about faux glass? You can add plastic resin faux panels to the front of your doors. Alternatively, you can even just paint some “windows” on your doors.faux windows garage door

Faux Hardware
Who says those handles and hinges actually need to be functional? Add some hardware to your door simply for visual appeal.faux hardware garage door

Door Replacement

So maybe your doors are in the twilight of their existence. Perhaps they don’t operate as smoothly as they once did and are quite possibly not safe anymore. Replacing the doors will improve function and give you the opportunity of upgrading the thermal characteristics of your garage. If you have no plan on selling you home, you will enjoy the form and function of your new doors. If you are planning to sell, the investment in the curb appeal of your home will likely be garage doors

As with all of our exterior improvement tips, there are budget options and more expensive options. As a Do-It-Yourselfer, you can refinish and really give a boost to the look of your garage doors, assuming they are still in good repair. If you need to replace the doors, it will require the service of professionals but it will be relatively quick and painless, while providing an upgrade for your own enjoyment or as a preparation for resale.

Home Exterior Improvement Part 1: Clean Up Your Yard
Home Exterior Improvement Part 2: Small Things
Home Exterior Improvement Part 3: Doors and Windows
Home Exterior Improvement Part 4: Garage Doors

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Inspecting Your Garage Doors

garage door inspectionIn previous articles, we discussed ways to make the exterior of your home look nicer, for your own enjoyment and/or to improve the appearance of your home for resale. We looked at garage doors and the 2 options of replacement or re-finishing. How do we really know if our older garage doors are still in decent and safe condition?

Your garage door is likely the largest moving part of your home. There are many mechanical components and it might be a bit overwhelming to understand and assess the functional and safety related characteristics of your garage doors.

In Victoria you are encouraged to call us anytime for a professional inspection.

The Main Things to Examine in a Garage Door Inspection:

Garage Door Panels

We’ve all seen saggy or cracked garage doors that belong to someone else. Inspect your garage door panels for signs of cracking, loose pieces, gaps, etc.cracked garage door panels

Manual Release Handle

This is the handle that hangs from your automatic door opener. With the door down, pull the handle and ensure that it releases the automatic opener. You should now be able to open the door by hand.garage door manual release handle

Door Balance

Close the door and disconnect the automatic door opener by pulling the manual release. This enables you to lift your door by hand. Carefully lift the door and notice if it rolls smoothly and easily, without any resistance or strange noises. After you lift the door to the top position it should remain there. If the door is difficult to raise and lower or does not stay in the fully open position, there are safety issues which should be addressed by a professional (that’s us.)

Spring and Hardware

Stand inside your garage with the door closed. Take a flashlight and carefully inspect the hardware, including cables, springs, rollers, pulleys and mounting hardware. Inspect for wear and tear, including fraying of cables, broken springs or loose fitting mounting hardware. You can also notice the sound of the door as it operates. If there are strange noises, it may indicate a hardware issue that should be addressed.garage door hardware

Spring Containment

If a spring breaks, the force could send pieces of metal flying at a high velocity. To prevent this from happening, springs need to be contained. If you have a torsion spring above your door, it will already be mounted on a shaft, providing containment. If you have extension springs at the side of the door, ensure you have a containment cable that runs along the center of the spring.broken garage door spring

Contact Safety Reverse

Garage doors are designed to reverse if they contact an object while closing. To test this, place a 2×4 piece of wood flat under the center of the door and press the door close button. When the door reaches the 2×4, it should immediately stop and reverse to its fully open position.

Non-Contact Safety Reverse

Most doors installed since the early 1990’s have a photoelectric eye (sensor) system. You can test it by waving an object, such as a broom or piece of cardboard in front of one of the sensors, while the door is closing. The door should immediately stop and reverse to its fully open position.garage door sensor

Frequency of Inspection

There is a wide range of thought regarding how often you should inspect your garage doors. If you have newer doors (5 years or newer), then an annual inspection is sufficient. It’s safe to say that the older your doors are, the more often they should be inspected. If you have 20+ year old garage doors, then a monthly inspection may be warranted.

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Home Exterior Improvement Part 3: Doors and Windows

Home Exterior Improvement Part 1: Clean Up Your Yard
Home Exterior Improvement Part 2: Small Things
Home Exterior Improvement Part 3: Doors and Windows
Home Exterior Improvement Part 4: Garage Doors

Front DoorUpdating your doors and windows is a task which can bring you number of benefits. Whether you choose to completely replace your doors and windows or just freshen them up, you will immediately give your home’s exterior a noticeable facelift. Let’s look at a few ways you can go about this upgrade.


Replacing your doors and windows can dramatically alter the look of your home. You can incorporate a new style which begins to alter the entire style of your home. Studies have shown that replacing your front door increases the value of your home by five times the cost of the new door. That’s a good investment!

Front Door

When replacing your front door, one idea to consider is to increase the size of the opening and add windows around the top and sides of the door, not just simply swap a new door for an old. This stylish update increases the perceived splendour of what was formerly a simple, functional


Do the words draft, mold and rot give you stress and nightmares? New windows will drastically improve the thermal and visual qualities of your home’s interior while giving the exterior a big boost of energy and style. If your old windows are really, well, old…then you may want to consider the best practice method of replacement which is called “brick-to-brick.” This fully replaces your frames and windows, and gives you the best visual and functional

Replacing your doors and windows is not something for the faint of heart. It’s a job that needs to be completed quickly and accurately and usually, hiring a professional will provide peace of mind, with fewer surprises and stress.

Freshen up Existing Doors and Windows

If your existing doors and windows are in reasonably good shape and can be painted, then a low-cost solution is to freshen them up yourself.

Front Door

If your front door does a reasonable job of keeping the cold out and it is still mechanically in good shape, painting it will give you immediate bang for your buck. As we mentioned in a previous article, new trim is a bit more work but will also be a great update. Adding an accessory to your door, such as a wreath or new knocker, will give it a lovely new look.

Here is a tutorial on painting your front doorpainted front doors


If you have windows that have good thermal qualities (double glazed) and are still in good condition, you can re-finish the frames, which will immediately improve their look as well as extending their life. Don’t forget to inspect the seal and hardware and take time to prep the frame, inside and out, before you paint.

Here is a window refinishing tutorial for you to read.paint-windows

Don’t let budget stop you from making a huge improvement to the look (and lifespan) of your doors and windows. You can paint them for a very negligible cost and enjoy the fruit of your own labour. Alternatively, if you want to dive in and upgrade both the function and make a dramatic visual update of your doors and windows, then replacing them is a more pricey, yet wise investment.

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Home Exterior Improvement Part 2: Small Things
Home Exterior Improvement Part 3: Doors and Windows
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